We are people who deeply care about our environment and work hard to preserve our natural playground.
Erin Isakov

Erin Snow Offline

A Brand Without Social Media

Over nearly two decades, Erin Snow has experienced organic growth without the use of advertising. Articles and reports written about the company arise from natural resonance and are never the result of targeted marketing efforts. Intrusive marketing tactics, aggressive retargeting, and excessive advertisements are not part of Erin Snow's approach to their customers.

In recent years, the way brands interact with their customers has changed. This evolution undoubtedly brings advantages - direct communication allows brands to establish personal connections with their customers and act on an individual level. However, this stands in contradiction to the deeply rooted values of Erin Snow. While the founders of this brand delight in hearing from their customers and seeing them in Erin Snow gear on their adventures, the constant posting and flooding of feeds (with a deluge of images, messages, and sales pitches explaining why one should purchase Erin Snow products) do not align with their philosophy. Erin Isakov hopes that their customers also share this approach.