Overview of our E-Mountain Bike Selection

The Hardtail E-Mountain Bike

Cutting-edge technology for motorized support

The hardtail e-mountain bike greatly extends the possibilities and also the range of a classic mountain bike via an installed motor. This means you can count on reliable support when pedaling if you want to pace yourself or if there is a steep passage ahead of you on the route. Beyond the motor and the battery, these e-bikes offer all of the conventional functions of a Hardtail: smooth-running yet grippy tyres for diverse terrain as well as a suspension of the fork on the front axle.

The E-Hardtail is optimally suited for extended excursions on paved as well as unpaved roads. Even forest paths and gravel roads are no obstacle for these bikes. If you want to head off-trail, the E-Fully will suit you more when going downhill. Due to the suspension on both axles and the greater weight, this bike allows for greater stability and even more control on the way to the bottom.

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Fully E-Mountain bike

Motorised uphill and downhill travel

The Fully e-mountain bikes play out their advantages perfectly in the Alpine landscape across the Arlberg region. With a powerful motor and a durable battery, you can aspire to even longer tours. Your own physical condition is no longer a limiting factor. With different settings, you can individually regulate the level of support uphill and also tackle more strenuous routes.

Like its non-motorized counterpart, the E-Fully is equipped with suspension on both axles, which is especially useful on bumpy trails. The higher weight due to the built-in motor has an additional stabilizing effect on the descent and enables even more control over the bike, making this model an  ideal companion for every tour uphill and downhill.

The E-City Bike

Ideal for wide-ranging and leisurely excursions

The E-City Bike is perfect for excursions along paved roads. Across the extensive network of cycling paths in the region, you will ride as if on clouds with the smooth-running tyres of the E-City bike, quickly covering long distances. On climbs, the built-in motor can be activated for support.

If your tour also takes you off-road, we recommend one of the various mountain bikes for hire. If you still want to enjoy the motorized support of the e-bikes, you are well advised and even better equipped with the Hardtail or Fully variant.

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