Ski Big Mountain

Perfect for adventurous off-piste riders

Strolz Wintersport am Arlberg

Wide skis for the ascent and descent are readily available

The Ski Big Mountain category features an exclusive selection of different freeride models. The models in this category come mainly from well-known freeride manufacturers such as Black Crows. Selected models from Atomic, Kästle and Head round off the selection in this category. The skis in this category are equipped with freeride bindings and are ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy a breathtaking powder run. We will be happy to advise you on choosing the right model. 

Optimal choice for the Arlberg’s freeride trails

Wide ski guide for lift in snow

Made especially to conquer untouched, deeper snow

Terrain-specific models

Features of the Big Mountain models at a glance

How to always stay on top in deep powder snow

The models in the Big Mountain Ski product range stand out strongly from conventional alpine models, not just visually. With larger center widths and wider shovels, they ensure that you always ride on the surface even in loose deep snow. This is of critical importance when riding off-trail across the snowy Arlberg. 

The special construction of the skis allows you to enjoy effortless downhill skiing. These items enable agility and maneuverability, with effortless turning in deep snow. These qualities make the Big Mountain skis the perfect choice if you want to enjoy the winter away from any prepared slopes. 

You will find the following models in the Ski Big Mountain product line
Exclusive skis from renowned brands

Ideal for those who wish to make their own way down the mountain

Special skis that are at home off-piste

Big Mountain skis are mainly for off-piste use. Downhill runs on the piste are always an option. Here, however, it becomes clear, especially in icy conditions, that this is not the main focus for these models. The lack of edge grip, especially on hard slopes, requires particular caution if you do decide to use these models on the slopes. 

If you want to have fun on the piste as well as side-step into deeper snow, we recommend the 6* category. Here you will find that some of the models from the Black Crows line are suitable for turns on the piste as well as in the backcountry. So you don't have to compromise on your adventure. For your ski tours, we recommend our touring ski category with light touring skis - including skins.

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