Our hardware range revolves around the theme of winter sports. Our ski world in particular is designed with a lot of panache. We don't try to stock as many different models as possible, preferring to assemble the best selections for our customers. The requirements are based entirely on the conditions in the Arlberg region. In addition to piste skis, we offer models in the freeride and all-mountain range. We only stock very high-quality skis along with a few exclusive brands and models. We also have our own in-house ski brand, the Golden Eagle. In this department you will also find accessories such as goggles and gloves, and safety products such as helmets and ABS backpacks.

If you’re an enthusiastic skier yourself, all the better! Our customers are best served when our consultants are able to show real enthusiam for the sport. All our ski models are also available for hire or as test skis. This offer is not only aimed at our customers, but also at you. We are of the opinion that those who challenge themselves will benefit from personal experience. Of course, depending on your experience and training, your tasks will also include workshop services such as binding adjustments, ski mounting and cutting skins. 

My heart and that of my core team beats for hard goods, especially for skis and safety on the mountain. If you don't have any sales experience in this area yet, it already helps a lot if you are an enthusiastic winter sportsman yourself!
Hermann Haiderer
Head of Hardware Department

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