Touring skis

Always ride on the surface - even in deeper snow

Perfect for those who also like to climb mountains during the Winter

Touring skis are, as the name suggests, the preferred choice for any ski tour. Thanks to their relatively light weight as compared to classic alpine models, you can save energy on the ascent and progress quickly. At the same time, the wider body from tip to tail, especially at the shovel, helps on the descent. That way you always ride on the surface even in powder and deep snow.

At our popular rental outlets, Strolz offers touring ski models for adults. All skis include telescoping  poles as well as skins for swift progress along the trail. Besides renting your touring set, safety equipment like avalanche backpack and avalanche transceiver is also available. The perfect choice for your very own adventure on the Arlberg.

Perfect for the deep snow
High buoyancy in powder
Lightweight construction
High quality models

Touring ski characteristics at a glance

Right at home off-piste or in the backcountry

Touring skis look very different than conventional alpine skis. They feature a wider construction yet lighter weight. However, due to their more common use off-piste and especially in deeper snow, the edges are not as grippy as is the case with the alpine variant. Despite the wide shovel, touring skis feature easy manoeuvrability and responsive dynamics.

The telescoping poles (included) offer you secure hold and stability even in steep terrain. Skins are also included with the skis. Absolutely essential for the ascent, they provide a surefooted grip going uphill. Our rental shoppe staff will be happy to help you with instructions and assistance for skinning up before the start of your next tour.

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All of your equipment from a single source

Ideal for those who wish to blaze their own trail

Easy to climb with, stable on the descent

Touring skis feature a mix of advantages on the ascent as well as on the descent. Especially off-piste and in the backcountry these models easily show off their added value to offer a unique skiing experience. If you want a combined experience between groomed slopes and off-piste skiing, we recommend an ALL Mountain model. These specially-constructed models combine the optimal characteristics for any conditions: icy and smooth as well as soft and powdery.

If you only plan to use the groomed slopes in the Arlberg ski area, we recommend one of our alpine models. The lack of edge grip on touring skis makes descending a steep slope an unnecessary risk. Retain full control with the high-quality alpine models in our 5* to 7* categories.

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