Our ski rental categories at a glance

Skis for pistes, backcountry, powder and ski touring

Diverse models for children, youth and adults

Here at Strolz, you will find a wide range of ski-related categories and models for young and old. The 5* category includes proven and reliable models from the previous season. Thanks to the forgiving construction and high stability, you will always be in control with this ski. In the Ski 6* category you can choose from various models for short carving, giant slalom or backcountry. With these models, you can rely on the highest quality thanks to renowned brands. The Ski 7* category enables a unique skiing experience with exclusive and particularly high-quality skis from the high-end segment. If you want to explore the Arlberg on your own, the Ski Big Mountain category or the Touring Ski category offers the perfect choice for ski touring and descents through fresh deep snow.

Additional rental equipment at a glance

Ski boots, helmets and avalanche protection equipment

So you’re well-equipped and optimally protected

A day on the slopes can quickly turn into a nightmare if your boots cause pressure marks or don't fit exactly. To prevent this, we place particular emphasis on proper fitting of your ski boots and snowboard boots during the rental process. To be protected on the slopes, our shoppes also feature a variety of ski helmets. The helmets are size-adjustable and breathable and are tested for full functionality before each rental. Especially for ski tours and freeride excursions, we recommend also renting avalanche protection equipment. The avalanche backpack includes an airbag, a shovel and a probe. In addition, we also offer avalanche transceivers, which can save lives through their simultaneous transmitting and receiving function.