A ski boot that does it all

Our new Tecnica x Strolz

What's more frustrating than a day on the slopes where everything fits - except the boot. With Tecnica x Strolz you can now say goodbye to pressure points or aching feet, all the while shining with excellent performance - in any snow conditions. Tecnica x Strolz offers everything in one: a high-performance combination of innovative shell, custom-foamed inner boot and a custom-made insole. This guarantees direct power transfer from the foot via the boot to the ski and enables skiing pleasure in a class of its own.

Illustration Tecnica x Strolz Skischuh

Innovative Shell

Tecnica shells guarantee precise fit and maximum adaptability. They also offer a high level of comfort, performance and versatility and are ideal for the most demanding skiers. The shell can be adapted with different soles and flex properties.

Custom foam liner

The specially foamed custom-made inner boot gives your ski boot the perfect fit. During the foaming process the boot liner is adapted to the needs of the feet (e.g. narrow, wide feet or unusual foot shapes). The custom-foamed inner boot also scores with low weight and high-quality materials.

Individually manufactured insole

The custom-made 3D insole provides optimal foot relief. The insole is custom made to fit your foot width and height individually. The insole also ensures better blood circulation and pressure distribution and thus ensures comfort.

Strolz draws on decades of experience in ski boot customisation. For our latest ski boot, we brought two international sporting goods manufacturers - Tecnica and Sidas - on board and jointly developed a "best of boots" - from shell to boot liner to own insole.
Olivia Strolz
Co-Owner & CEO

How to get your Tecnica x Strolz ski boot

Professionally fitted in 24 hours

With decades of experience and vast know-how, Strolz ski boot experts offer customised solutions and thus ensure the best wearing comfort. Our employees support you with their technical expertise and take time for questions and special needs. Once you have decided on a Tecnica x Strolz boot, it is only a matter of a few simple steps to your perfectly fitted ski boot.

1. Arrange appointment
2. Measurement appointment with 3D foot measurement in the morning
3. We prepare your boot in our workshop
4. Afternoon foaming session
5. Take your ski boot with you and take them for a ride the next day

Strolz Skischuh

Online Booking

Book your desired appointment conveniently online

For your Strolz Ski Boot you need two appointments: a measurement and a foaming appointment.
Please note that you need to book two appointments.

Appointment 1/2: Taking measurements - in the morning
Appointment 2/2: Foaming - in the afternoon


Our ski boots are not an off-the-shelf product, but are individually assembled and fitted for you.

Appointments can be made during our Winter opening hours. However, we are available all year round by phone or email for your appointment requests.

You can conveniently book your desired appointment online directly on our homepage. Alternatively, you can reach us by phone, e-mail or in person in one of our shops.

You will need 2 appointments to have a Strolz ski boot made. One measurement appointment, which lasts approx. 30 minutes and takes place in the morning, and one foaming appointment, which lasts approx. 60 minutes.

Between the measuring and the foaming, your inner shoe and shell will be individually assembled and mounted in our workshop. For a perfect result we need about 4 hours of processing time.

If your measurement appointment is in the morning and your foaming appointment is in the afternoon on the same day, your Strolz ski boot will be ready within 24 hours.

Online appointments can be booked up to 48 hours in advance. For shorter notice, it is best to contact us by phone or in person in one of our shops.

At the measurement appointment, your body data such as height, weight and shoe size are recorded. We are also interested in your riding ability and style in order to put together the best components for your shoe. Your feet and legs are measured with the latest 3D scan technology. Any anomalies are analysed and a decision is made about supportive measures, such as insoles, in the subsequent individual consultation. Once all the analyses have been completed, we decide together on the optimal choice of shell & boot liner models, as well as their configuration.

After the measurement, analysis and product selection at the measurement appointment, we require a processing time of at least 4 hours. During this time, your individual wooden mold is made in our shoe workshop. With this “last“, the shell is perfectly adapted to the needs of your foot. In addition, the matching inner shoe is put together with the selected components.

At the foaming appointment, your boot liner is perfectly adapted to your feet by foaming. To do this, your feet are first taped with specially cut pads in sensitive areas so that your ski boot does not pinch later. A toe cap is placed over the toes as a placeholder. Then it's time to foam your ski boot. This process takes place while standing and lasts about 15 - 20 minutes. We are happy to serve you a drink of your choice during this time. After a further 10 minutes of curing time, the ski boot can be taken off. For the next 12 hours, the ski boot will cure completely at room temperature.

You can take the ski boots home or to the hotel directly after the foaming appointment. After 12 hours of curing time at room temperature or cooler, they are ready for use. As a rule, the ski boot is foamed in the evening and can be used the next day.

Please bring ski socks to the appointment. For hygiene reasons, we do not offer trial socks. Make sure that your trousers can be comfortably turned up over the calf area. If you already wear orthopaedic insoles, please bring them with you.

Please bring ski socks to the appointment. For hygiene reasons, we do not offer trial socks. Make sure that your trousers can be comfortably turned up over the calf area. If you already wear orthopaedic insoles, bring them with you. Please bring your skis and we will adjust your bindings to your new ski boot free of charge.

If you purchase a Strolz ski boot from us, we will adjust your binding to your new ski boot free of charge. Simply bring your ski to the foaming appointment.

Due to the compact foam of the ski boot, we recommend that you do not tighten the buckles too much at the beginning. Adjust the buckles at your own discretion after 1-2 hours.

In the interest of your safety, bindings must always be correctly and professionally adjusted to new ski boots. The correct adjustment depends not only on your skiing ability, weight and size, but also on the sole length of your ski boot. This varies depending on the model, even with the same boot size. When you buy a Strolz ski boot, we will be happy to adjust the bindings for you free of charge.

You may notice small pressure points or other discomforts after the first few days of skiing. If there is a need for improvement, please come to our shop. Our experts will of course take care of it.

During a ski boot service we check your ski boot, carry out maintenance and care for the material of the boot liner. If necessary, we replace soles and/or heels.

We recommend that you remove the boot liners at the end of your skiing holiday and leave them to dry completely in the air at room temperature.

It is important for your safety to change your heels regularly. Before the heels have worn down to the shell material, replacement is absolutely necessary. If you are unsure, we will be happy to advise you on this by phone, email or in the shop.

We recommend keeping the buckles on the shell loosely fastened. The boot liner should be completely dry before "summering in".

Please send us an e-mail at schuhe@strolz.at. We will be happy to check your request and, if necessary, send you the desired spare part by post.