Luxury fashion, skiwear and traditional costume fashion - that's how diverse and varied an alterations tailor can be. Do you have some professional training as an alterations tailor or at least 3 years of work experience? This is important for a position in our tailoring department, as you will be working independently. In the workshop you will work with 2-3 colleagues, and for special requirements an external person will be called in for support. The tailors themselves coordinate the intake of internal and external orders and tasks are divided up accordingly. It is important for us that the studio is occupied during core hours and that orders are completed on time.

Otherwise, you can organise your working hours yourself by means of flex-time, so that you can also benefit from the sports and leisure facilities in Lech. You will work closely with your sales colleagues, so it is important that we maintain a respectful relationship with one other. Your tasks will also include regular training of our sales team on tailoring topics. Basically, our sales staff determine the prices and give information to customers regarding costs based on a price list. When it gets busy, you'll be in high demand, so you'll also be in direct contact with customers. Experience has shown that our alterations professionals are highly valued by our clientele!

Sophia Schäfer
For our alteration tailor shop we are looking, in addition to the professional requirements, especially people who enjoy working independently and on their own responsibility. For this, there is also enough time to fully enjoy the benefits of the Arlberg.
Sophia Schäfer
Product Manager

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