Snowboard 5*

Perfect for avid winter sports enthusiasts on the slopes

The snowboard 5* category is the right choice for amateur riders just starting out. If you want to further develop the skills you have already acquired, these snowboards will also suit you thanks to their stable and safe construction.

Forgiving construction compensates for better control
Easy to ride boards
Full control on the turns
For children, youth and adults

Features of the 5* snowboards at a glance

Turning pleasure with simultaneous stability

The models in the 5* category are specially designed for the piste and enable a safe riding experience thanks to various features. The boards are stable and compensate well for impacts or bumps on the piste. This allows you to keep control of the snowboard even on icy passages or at higher speeds.

At the same time, the boards make it easier to initiate turns. They are particularly easy to turn, already initiating the move when you shift your weight. This also makes it easier for you to cross-cut and thus always retain control over the board.

Die Modelle der 5* Kategorie sind speziell für die Piste ausgelegt und ermöglichen anhand verschiedener Funktionen ein sicheres Fahrerlebnis. Die Boards sind stabil und gleichen so auch auftretende Schläge oder Unebenheiten auf der Piste gut aus. So behalten Sie auch auf eisigen Passagen oder bei höherem Speed die Kontrolle über das Snowboard.

Gleichzeitig erleichtern die Boards das Einleiten der Schwünge. Sie sind besonders drehfreudig und leiten bei der Verlagerung des Gewichts bereits das Einlenken in einen Schwung ein. Dadurch können Sie auch einfacher querstellen und behalten dadurch stets die Kontrolle über das gewählte Material.

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Ideal for all those who want to steadily improve their skills

This makes snowboarding a breeze

Due to construction characteristics, material and shape, the snowboards from the 5* category support the development of one's own skills and enable easily noticeable progress. The board effortlessly compensates for minor riding errors and gives positive feedback directly at the start of the turn as soon as the edge of the board grips. This material makes a day on the slopes even more fun.

The boards of the 5* category are available in individual versions for children and teenagers as well as for adults in the rental. If you are looking for a more playful board for a more agile ride on piste and powder, you are well advised to go for the models in the 6* category. These boards set no limits to your creativity and cut a good figure both on hard pistes and in fresh new snow.

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