A well-maintained ski is a safer ski. Especially after the summer break, it is important to service the ski and check the binding settings.


Only a ski with sharp edges, perfect base and fast wax allows you to perform optimally on the slopes and thus ensures more skiing fun.

Overnight Service

We service your skis and snowboards overnight. All sports equipment can be returned to any of our branches.

Strolz Ski and Snowboard Service

We offer the following packages

Basic Service

After the summer break or if the ski or snowboard just doesn't "run" as fast after 5-6 days of skiing, a basic service is often sufficient, which includes sharpening the side and bottom edges of your skis or snowboard. The base is then given a new structure and waxed. Finally, the base is brushed and checked by our professionals.

Full Service

A major service effort is necessary if the base of the ski or snowboard has picked up major defects such as holes or deep scratches. Our service team repairs and mends the damage by hand, the side and bottom edges of your skis or snowboard are sanded and the base is given a new structure, waxed and finally brushed.

Racing Service

We offer our racing service for skis exclusively for the legendary ski race "The White Ring". The professional ski service is carried out entirely by hand by our professionals on site. Please book this service early as capacities are limited.

For this reason, the correct binding setting is critical!

We care about your safety

An important part of our ski service is checking the correct binding setting. The following factors guide the correct configuration: weight and height of the skier, sole length of the ski boot and skiing ability. This data is used to determine the so-called "Z-value", which our professionals adjust for you. The correct setting guarantees that an optimal power transmission to the ski can take place, but also that the binding opens reliably in case of a fall. If the binding opens in time, the risk of injury is significantly reduced.

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