Impressions of cycling in Lech / Zürs

An overview of our bicycles and e-bikes

Wide range of bicycles for hire at Strolz

Bicycles and e-bikes from renowned brands

The right equipment is essential for any excursion into Vorarlberg’s beautiful natural scenery. At Strolz Rentals you will find a variety of different bicycles and e-bikes for every terrain. While the hardtail bike is suitable for rides on paved and unpaved roads, the Fully bike plays out its advantages on the trails. If you want something even more extreme, a downhill bike may be the right choice.

In the e-bike segment, you will also find the two variants Hardtail and Fully at Strolz. Thanks to a high-performance motor with a long-life battery, you can also go on extended excursions and manage your energy well. Our e-bikes are available for all age categories. We also offer special bikes for children in the rentals department. So nothing stands in the way of your family outing.

Our additional bike gear at a glance

Adequate protection while biking

Safety first!

A suitable bike helmet is an essential companion and could even be life-saving. We offer suitable helmets for all age groups in our rental shop. Each helmet is checked for full functionality and possible damage before it is rented again. This is the only way we can guarantee your protection in the event of a fall. If you rent a downhill bike, we also recommend that you reserve protectors for your knees and elbows. With high speeds common in this discipline, a little carelessness can have unpleasant consequences, which protectors can mitigate.

For family excursions, you will also find child seats and child trailers in our rental department. This way, even the youngest ones can come along on every ride and are always well protected - thanks to modern safety technology. Child seats can be mounted at the rear thanks to their ergonomic shape, and the footrests offer secure hold and protection on any surface.