Snowboard 6*

Perfect for sporty snowboarders on the piste and in the backcountry

The snowboard 6* category contains exclusive new models that have been rolled out especially for this winter season. This means you can always be underway with the latest equipment. You’ll find a wide selection of models from Burton, Liptech and Arbor in the rentals department so you can stay tune with the times thanks to their unique riding characteristics. This makes every ride an unforgettable experience.

Good edge grip and high lift in the snow
Particularly torquey and dynamic
Various rocker and camber models
Boards from well-known brands

Characteristics of the 6* snowboards at a glance

Flexibility paired with maximum riding pleasure

The models in the 6* snowboard category are characterized by the variability of use. With these boards, you can conjure up fast and dynamic turns in the snow on the piste, yet also stay on top in deep snow. You can therefore choose where and how to use the board you have chosen. Nothing stands in the way of a trip into the backcountry.

Within this category you have further choices: On the one hand, our guests have agile and maneuverable boards at their disposal, so that casual carving on the slopes is child's play. On the other hand, we also offer snowboards that are designed more for smooth gliding and wider radii. You decide how you want to roll on your winter sports adventure.

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Ideal for those who wish to try out something new

Innovative features for even more fun

The boards from the 6* category are especially suitable for advanced, sporty snowboarders. In the selection of models you will find numerous boards optimally tweaked with a variety of construction methods and functionality. From classic rocker boards to camber versions and special hybrid forms of the two extremes, there is a suitable board for every requirement. We will be happy to advise you on site which board would best suit your riding ability and your wishes.

The models in the 6* snowboard category are available exclusively for adults and young people. For children, we recommend the 5* category. The snowboards in the 5* category are particularly suitable for leisurely riders who value stability and full control in every turn. These boards are forgiving and facilitate the playful improvement of one's own skills.

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Then we recommend the 5* snowboards