Ski 7*

Perfect for connoisseurs looking for special skiing experiences.

The Ski 7* category includes high-end models from a range of well-known winter sports brands. In addition to a wide selection of models from Stöckli - with various radii, this also includes skis from the Swiss luxury brand Zai. The range is further complemented by the Golden Eagle, Strolz's own in-house model. All these skis have one thing in common: they offer an incomparable skiing experience.

For an even more emotional experience on or off piste
Customised and high-quality models
Unique handling characteristics
Suitable for both tighter and wider turns

Features of the 7* models at a glance

Skiing enjoyment on another level

The models in the Ski 7* category are characterised by innovative and unique features. Modern, hi-tech material combinations form a unique selling point on the market. From models with trend-setting construction to skis with dynamic coating for optimal flexibility on the piste, you’ll find just the right combination of materials for every requirement here.

In terms of radii, guests who value tight carving turns in particular will certainly get their money's worth. With Stöckli models, for example, you have maximum edge grip even on heavily icy pistes or for tight turns in steep terrain. At the same time, wider turns are possible with other models in this category. Here, the focus is primarily on gliding ability and stability at higher speeds.

You will find the following models in the Ski 7* category

Exclusive skis from renowned brands

Ideal for anyone looking for that little bit extra

The right choice for all piste conditions

This category is particularly suitable for experienced riders who like to experiment. At Strolz you will find many exclusive models for hire, which you can test in the rental shop and exploit their qualities to the full. We recommend this category for advanced skiers who have already gained sufficient experience on the slopes.

The models in the Ski 7* category are available exclusively for adults. For children and young people, we recommend the Ski 5* or Big Mountain Ski category. The 5* category is particularly suitable for beginners. Here the focus is very much on skis that compensate easily and classics that have proven themselves on the piste in the past season.

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