Ski 5*

Perfect for the purist who wants to focus on the essentials

The Ski 5* category offers a wide range of models from the current season as well as skis from last winter. With these models, you always have full control over your equipment and can rely on the skis even on uneven slopes. With the models in this category, the focus is clearly on prepared slopes. For excursions into deep snow, we recommend different types of skis from another category.

Forgiving and stable on the turns
Offer a high degree of control on flips
Easy riding in all slope conditions
Renowned brands and manufacturers

Characteristics of the 5* category at a glance

Focus on stability and full control downhill

The skis from the 5* category are characterized by two decisive factors that make them particularly interesting for leisure skiers. On the one hand, the skis guarantee a high degree of stability so that you always have control over your equipment, even in icy or bumpy conditions. Bumps are absorbed as well as possible, increasing the feeling of safety on the ski.

On the other hand, the skis from the 5* category make it easier to initiate a turn and thus enable easy turning during your descent. At the same time, the skis are very forgiving and compensate well for potential skiing errors. All these features make the 5* category skis a popular choice for those who wish to improve their skills on the piste or for skiers whose main focus is not on speed or agile,  tight carving.

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Ideal for those who value familiar brands

The right choice for every run down prepared slopes

The Ski 5* category offers well-known brands from the alpine sector - the major suppliers on the market. These skis are designed exclusively for the piste and ensure easy maneuverability during turns. Stability and a central position on the ski enjoy a higher priority in this category than maximum edge grip.

If you don't want to limit your descents to groomed slopes, but also want to venture off-piste, into the park or deep snow, we recommend the Ski 6* category. With a wide range of models for piste, powder and backcountry, you are well advised with this category. If you are looking for a truly unique skiing experience, the 7* category is the right choice. Exclusive models and innovative construction enable unparalleled skiing pleasure.

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