A Starry Trademark

The Star among the Stars

The role of stars in the history of humanity is fundamental. Through the stars, people could calculate the seasons. For sailors on their voyages of discovery, the stars were often the only way to maintain the right course. Looking closely at JetSet's history and especially what the brand stands for, it's no wonder why the star was chosen as its iconic trademark. Perhaps it should serve as a symbol, an inspiration to think about where one comes from and where one is heading. The star is a silent companion and guide alongside the visionaries. When one thinks of JetSet, or even better, when one sees the brand emblem on the slopes or at après-ski on a jacket, ski pants, or hat, one immediately recognizes this innovative and provocative brand.

In the 1990s, JetSet, with its unmistakable stars, became synonymous with iconic street and sportswear trends!