Sandra Peet and Lieke van den Berg

The "Golden Girls" behind Goldbergh

The passion for the world of skiing was practically ingrained in the two founders of the luxury sports brand Goldbergh. It is almost inevitable to briefly question how this is even possible in one of the flattest countries in Europe, the Netherlands. However, upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that the origin of this passion lies in Sandra Peet's childhood. In the family business "De Skihut," Peet gained not only a deep understanding of ski fashion and its functions, but also learned the essence of a successful retail operation. Lieke van den Berg, an avid skier since childhood and former head designer of the Stonefashion Group, adds the finishing touch in terms of design! These two Golden Girls hold their ground and are the secret ingredients for Goldbergh's recipe for success!

The motivation behind the founding of Goldbergh is a passion for the sport, and the wish for women to look more beautiful and confident in their ski clothes.
Sandra Peet