Maria Bogner

When Style Hit the Slopes, or: The Icon of Stylish Skiing

Would the skiing fashion world have developed into what it is today without Maria Bogner? A single pioneering innovation could hardly represent the diversity of Maria's achievements, whether it's the groundbreaking stretch pants, the "Anorak for All," or the establishment of branding on ski clothing. This happened in an era when women rarely had a say in business matters. Yet, the Bogners were a radiant exception, and in the field of ski tourism, some remarkable exceptions seem to exist—a fascinating parallel to personalities like Herta Strolz is hard to miss. Maria worked hand in hand with her husband Willy Bogner Senior and in close collaboration with the French company "Bianchini-Ferier." Together, they created a water-repellent nylon-stretch material that gave Maria the freedom to design her world-famous, shapely stretch pants. This garment brought a true revolution to the world of ski fashion and significantly fueled skiing enthusiasm from the 1950s onwards. Some even credited her a significant share of the skiing enthusiasm of the time.

"I believe the success of the ski industry in the 1950s and 1960s was entirely due to the ladies who wore BOGNER stretch pants."
Warren Miller

Willy Bogner Jr.

Skiing as Art

Willy Bogner Jr. epitomizes an unparalleled fusion of innovation, style, and fashion. His versatility is fascinating and inspiring at the same time. With his unique gift, he captured skiing not only as a sport but as a deeply felt experience and visually immortalized it. Thanks to his technical expertise and creative vision, the feeling of skiing became a global experience. People all over the world could feel the unique atmosphere of snow, sports, passion, and style up close. Willy Bogner Jr. is a visionary with an impressive innovative spirit who had the courage to turn his ideas into reality. This determination propelled the Bogner brand to the top of the sports and fashion world.

The Bogner "B"

How a Zipper changed the Fashion Industry

In 1955, Maria Bogner changed the face of Bogner ski jackets by replacing the usual slider grip of the zippers with the distinctive "B" of the brand. This bold innovation propelled Bogner to the top of the branding world in the fashion industry. As a result, the characteristic "B" underwent a remarkable transformation as a trademark - on jackets, caps, glasses, and even as pendants for necklaces. Whether it was discreet or prominent, it became a symbol inseparably connected to the brand.