Defying Wind and Weather with Wool

High-Tech from Norwegian Sheep

Amundsen utilizes Norwegian wool in the production of their textiles, known for its remarkable durability and robustness. This wool is obtained from free-roaming sheep that live in the mountains of Hallingdal in Norway from June to September. They are sheared there to obtain the valuable wool. After shearing, the wool is taken to Italy, where it is spun and knitted into yarn. The resilient fibers of Norwegian sheep naturally possess special properties that allow them to withstand the harshest climatic conditions. As a result, clothing made from this wool has the best possible qualities to provide comfort even in demanding environments.

It's not only important to select suitable clothing for the specific activity and environmental conditions but also to choose the right materials. Nature itself offers highly functional and complex raw materials. Wool is considered a natural "high-tech" fiber and harbors a variety of advantages. For instance, it can absorb and release up to 36% of its dry weight in water vapor while also possessing water-repellent properties.