From the Slopes to the Brand

Aldo Kuonen and the Creation of AK Ski

Aldo Kuonen, the founder of AK Ski, was a passionate skier and inventor. His enthusiasm for the mountains and skiing began during his youth in Törbel, Wallis. As a ski instructor in St. Moritz, he collaborated with renowned ski athletes such as Joël Gaspoz and Michaela Figini. His love for craftsmanship and his interest in old Porsche models shaped his personality. The fusion of his passions led to the establishment of AK Ski. In 1997, the first carving skis, 'Number ONE,' were introduced to the market. Kuonen's dedication went beyond conventional marketing – he personally presented the skis and explained the construction details. In 2011, Kuonen was diagnosed with a brain tumor, leading to his passing in June 2012. However, his legacy as a dedicated skier and inventor lives on. His vision and dedication remain the benchmark for AK Ski, shaping the future of the brand.

Francesca Kuonen

AK Ski are pure Emotion

In this article published in Sette Donna in 2023 you can learn more about how Francesca Kuonen leads her father's company AK Ski into the future.