The Bull in the AlphaTauri Logo

A Call to reach for the Stars

The name AlphaTauri derives from the Taurus constellation, also known as AlphaTauri. This constellation symbolizes strength, dynamism, and energy—attributes that also shape the foundations of AlphaTauri's design philosophy. The brand's logo, a stylized bull, embodies these characteristics and serves as a distinctive trademark. It represents the power in every collection, the dynamics of innovation, and the energy that AlphaTauri brings to the world of fashion.

The legendary Parka

The Must-Have from AlphaTauri

Designed as the ultimate travel companion, the parka from AlphaTauri has quickly become an icon. Especially on the Formula 1 racetracks around the world, no one can ignore this "it-piece." Parkas in all colors populate the paddock and the stands, equally appreciated by racing fans, presenters, and athletes.